ZENON’s core value proposition is to work with our clients on the recovery of their companies’ profits and governance. We have the experience and resources to understand what needs to be done for a successful business recovery and how to execute it on site.

Our Services

  • Recovery Plan Design
  • Recovery Plan Execution
  • Crisis Management
  • Financial Monitoring
  • Governance (Re)Creation
  • Fraud & Compliance Rectification
  • 360° Business Recovery
  • Supply Chain Rectification
  • Sales Channel rectification

Recovery Plan Design

The first step in a recovery process of a company is to agree on what should be done, how and by whom. Usually, ZENON and our clients can leverage the insight from the diagnostic exercises done earlier.

ZENON team members come from senior roles within industry and know how to operate within a corporate culture. We make sure the goals can be achieved given the realities of circumstances, which is why we design the recovery plan together with you.

Recovery Plan Execution

ZENON’s mission is to create value, by bringing financial and organizational recovery to our clients’ companies. We do this by being able to execute recovery plans with locally on-site teams.

Being a multinational and multicultural team, we have the capability to understand your goals, your company culture and how to partner with your local teams.

With our knowledge of both diagnostics and recovery, we can provide you a complete end-to-end solution.

Crisis Management

When operations run into liquidity constraints or rapidly declining financial performance, ZENON can help by deploying a seasoned local team to protect your interests and provide you with real-time information about the situation.

Our team members have the experience of executives in large organizations, including APAC CFO roles. This enables ZENON to understand the situation quickly and to activate measures with an immediate effect.

Financial Monitoring

ZENON provides financial monitoring when clients handle a change process and want a partner on board who is knowledgeable and dependable to monitor the financial improvement process.

Other situations can be the acquisition of a company where the financial reporting and management capabilities need support for a certain time period.

Governance (Re)Creation

Financial and organizational performance issues are often caused by weak governance structures. The wrong incentives or a lack of internal controls can have a substantial impact on corporate success.

ZENON can design governance structures for green field operations, new joint ventures or when facing a change management process.

As part of a recovery measure, ZENON also recreates existing governance structures. Very often, a few changes in the governance can cause a measurable and quick performance improvement.

Fraud & Compliance Rectification

A company which has revealed fraudulent and/or incompliant practices needs to stop these behaviors at their root cause. Knowing which financial benefits drive such issues and why the existing governance failed to identify or prevent these is essential for the design and implementation of processes that end or mitigate unwanted behaviors.

ZENON executes fraud and compliance rectification programs in cooperation with your business and legal teams.

360° Business Recovery

ZENON has developed its own proprietary and comprehensive recovery process called the 360° Business Recovery. This holistic approach is applied to the business model, processes and governance structure to recover enhanced financial and organizational performance.

Some clients either do not have the resources or competencies in-house to execute such a recovery process themselves.

Supply Chain Rectification

ZENON experts work with you to execute the rectification measures needed to end or mitigate the issues identified during the investigation phase. We work closely with industry specialists who are embedded in our teams so that we can reveal every form of leakage along the procurement cycle.

As a result of this process, our clients work with lower procurement costs and higher margins.

Sales Channel Rectification

This is another corresponding solution to our sales channel investigation offering.

Once the sales channel changes have been designed, ZENON has the team to work with you on implementing the rectification measures.

The goal is to stop incompliant sales support measures and avoid selling through entities that take margins away at the expense of our clients.