ZENON conducts investigations in cases where clients suspect that financial related fraud, accounting irregularities, bribery or compliance violations have occurred or are taking place. The outcome of a business diagnostics project can also reveal the need to conduct a financial investigation.

Our Services

  • Financial Fraud and Compliance Investigations
  • Forensic Technologies
  • Construction Projects Assessments
  • Supply Chain Investigation
  • Sales Channel Investigation

Financial Fraud and Compliance Investigations

Financial fraud and compliance investigations are an important service needed where regulators and company compliance policies become increasingly important.

ZENON is a team with decades of audit and investigation experience. Because we understand the industry practices in a market-place and the value chain of a company under investigation, we are able to quickly identify high risk areas and suggest solutions.

What differentiates us is the use of industry experts who know the very detail of practices that cannot be revealed otherwise.

Forensic Technologies

Forensic technologies (or IT forensics) involves the use of specialized software to search for evidence on systems for fraud or other irregular activities by experienced experts.

The key is to work with domain experts who apply established and certified processes to ensure findings can be successfully used as evidence.

Additional complexity may arise in jurisdictions which have their own laws with regards to data protection and what processes are permitted. ZENON ensures forensic experts deployed are certified to operate in all jurisdictions where the projects take place.

Construction Projects Assessments

Construction projects are some of the most complex and resource intensive projects which may provide opportunity for areas of incompliant practices. ZENON conducts assessments of contracts with constructions firms and service providers to determine whether compliance requirements (e.g. construction approval, business licenses, environmental laws etc.) have been fulfilled.

ZENON has qualified architects or civil engineers who are domain experts in this area embedded in our teams. These experts have the hands-on-experience of how construction projects are successfully managed on-time, on-budget and on-quality.

Supply Chain Investigation

This is one of our expert services. When there is a performance issue, we often find that part of the root cause may be kickback schemes, run at the expense of the company. Because of insufficient governance and controls, these schemes often remain undetected & unchallenged.

The ZENON team includes procurement specialists who have decades of experience. They know every detail of the process and the common practices applied at the local level.

Sales Channel Investigation

It is vital for any company to know exactly what happens along the sales channel from a profitability and compliance perspective so as to avoid incompliant sales practices.

ZENON knows the common schemes where distributors or agents are either owned by staff, their social network or management which can result in major margin losses.

ZENON team members have been involved in numerous sales channel investigations and are fully aware of the common sales practices locally.