Diagnostics & Analytics

This is the discovery phase when searching for the root cause of a financial or other operational performance needs to be found.

ZENON uses different methods, sometimes with the support of analytics software tools, depending on the specific situation to identify what caused the issue.

With the results from a business diagnostics process, companies now know where changes are needed to improve the situation. Diagnostics is the first key step of a recovery process.

Our Services

  • 360° Business Diagnostics
  • Business analytics solutions
  • Financial performance analysis
  • Governance appraisals

360° Business Diagnostics

360° Business Diagnostics is a ZENON comprehensive screening. This involves an integrated analysis of the value chain, all business cycles, the governance, HR and a deep dive into the financials that takes place simultaneously. ZENON has developed a proprietary methodology that links the operational transactions in an organization to the financials and vice versa.

The outcome is a detailed playbook of how your organization works and revealing the root causes of the organization’s performance.

ZENON clients, typically the Board of Directors, usually request this comprehensive service in two situations:

  1. when severe, but unexplained performance issues are observed in an Asian operation or
  2. when a new management team joins that does not have the resources or experience to understand the Asia operations or part thereof.

Business Analytics Solutions

Business analytics solutions are software tools used to process large amounts of data related to the business in order to visualize relevant data point and structures.

For business analytics to be meaningful, you need to:

  • Understand the subject to be diagnosed (ask the right question)
  • Know how to identify and isolate the relevant data and
  • Run the right queries

Business analytics are usually not applied stand-alone, but rather in conjunction with other diagnostics solutions to support data processing in an efficient way.

Financial Performance Analysis

The core of any business diagnosis is an understanding of the financial performance of a company or part of its operations. It starts with a thorough conversation between the client and ZENON to design the right analysis methods and understand the context of the outcomes required.

At ZENON, we always deconstruct and understand the value chain first and then perform the financial performance analysis. Where necessary, we bring in industry experts and embed them deeply into our teams.

ZENON call this “look through analysis”.

Governance Appraisals

From our experience, weak governance is often the root cause of wider performance and compliance issues. Too often, international companies transplant what works for them in their home countries with scant consideration of the specific business culture and risks of the local environment.

ZENON has screened hundreds of governance structures for foreign-owned companies and their joint ventures in the Asia-Pacific region. Due to the decades-long accumulated experience, ZENON can quickly identify weaknesses and suggest improvement areas quickly and effectively.

Governance appraisals are usually requested when companies enter a new market or where they have noticed complaints or unusual staff activity in some of their operations.