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ZENON is a business diagnostics and recovery services firm. We are a multinational team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in global companies and advisory firms.

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The ZENON story

ZENON is a team of highly experienced professionals and executives. In our many years as advisors and corporate managers, we saw that in critical situations, the professional services industry offers reports on narrowly defined work scopes, but usually no support and delivery of tangible solutions. ZENON was founded to address this limitation and to provide & implement workable solutions. ZENON’S commitment to clients is to deliver measurable improvements by executing crisis management and recovery action plans on-site in the countries where the operations of our clients are located. ZENON focuses on the growing and dynamic Asia-Pacific region. ZENON team members are carefully selected from this region and have lived and worked here for decades.

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Challenges of operating in Asia

According to UNCTAD, the Asia-Pacific region received more than US$ 500 billion of foreign direct investments (FDI) in 2019 or 35% of global investment, more than any other region. The Word Economic Forum states on its website that Asia-Pacific will contribute 60% of the global economic growth by 2030.

Most global companies, but also large and medium-sized companies from Europe and the Americas want to participate in this growth and have major operations here already or plan major investments there.

Being such a large and diverse bloc, the political and cultural sensitivities along with rapid changes in the regulatory environment create special challenges for foreign-invested operations in the region, such as:

  • Localization of management
  • Legal systems
  • Tribal, ethnocentric business practices
  • Commercial and governmental bribery
  • Investment restrictions
  • State-owned companies or governmental supported local incumbents

The ZENON team is familiar and comfortable with the local business practices. We are able to identify the root causes of business issues and have the skills to be able to execute the business recovery.

What we do differently to create outcomes

Implementation capability

ZENON does not only design or recommend actions plans, we implement them hands-on and on-site where our clients’ operations are located.

Committed to measurable outcomes

Every company has to deliver financial results while operating in compliance with laws and regulations. We deliver measurable financial and governance performance improvements.

Multinational team

Our team members speak the local language of the country/region where the projects are located. Whether Chinese, Indian, Malaysian or Australian nationals, we have the resources to be local across the region.

Only highly experienced people involved

ZENON only deploys senior professionals with at least 10 years of relevant experience in key operational functions of major organizations.

One-stop shop: Integration of financial, legal and tax impacts in the project execution

With our significant prior experience within Asia-Pacific, ZENON helps you to identify the most suitable legal and tax advisor. Their advice is integrated into the overall action plan.

Where cross-functional teams exist, we lead the overall project execution so that our customers do not need to get lost in numerous work streams with their closed silo-thinking approach.

Technical experts onboarding

Our project delivery teams are comprised of architects, engineers and IT specialists, who have the expertise needed to provide specific content as part of an overall project objective. Our clients do not need to worry about sub-contracting to external parties as we create the best-in-class experts for each project specifically.

Bringing local networks

Because of the diverse backgrounds of our leadership team and their decades of experience in the region, we have access to multiple networks that we bring to support our clients.

Some of these networks are professional organizations, universities or business chambers. Equally important are unofficial business networks who enable to overcome hurdles through their trusted relationship with authorities or key stakeholders of our clients.